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Maxim Martsinkevich the Russian Anti-Gay Terrorist gets 5 years

By Melanie Nathan, August 18, 2014 According to LGBTQ Nation, the leader of the Russian anti-gay vigilante group “Occupy Pedophilia,” “who is alleged to have lured LGBT youth to abusive encounters through fake social media profiles, was sentenced Friday to five years in a Russian penal colony.” We had reported extensively here on OBLOGDEE about […]

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Photo courtesy RIA Novisti, Mikhail Fomichev

Russian Neo Nazi Gay Basher Captured in Cuba

By Melanie Nathan, January 18, 2014. Russian white supremacist, Neo Nazi, Ultra Nationalist and Gay basher Maxim Martsinkevich has been arrested in Cuba in an international arrest warrant, Russian police reported today, according to media reports. Russia was informed by Cuban police of the arrest of Martsinkevich, otherwise known as Tesak,  through Interpol, the Russian Interior Ministry […]

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Maxim Martsenkevich Tesak GAY Pin Up of the Week

Boys will be Boys! This was difficult to resist . Maxim Martsenkevich otherwise known as Tesak, the Slasher, Russian Gay Pin Up of the week. I never put up pinups but this guy was just too cool to resist. In the arms of his lover, I have no doubt. Self proclaimed administrator of Russian justice, […]

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No, surely not a photo of Anti-Gay Maxim Martsinkevich Tesak about to sodomize a man

What else can one presume from a photo like this right? What disturbs me are people who pretend not to be gay when they are actually gay. What I find even more disturbing is when men like this, are so terrified of it, that they turn their backs on their fellow gays and become persecutors […]

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WANTED | Names and Faces of Russian Criminals who Tortured South African Student

SA student perceived as Gay tortured by Russian gangsters known as Occupy Pedophile who are given Impunity by Vladimir Putin and his homophobic regime #WANTED Let us #OUT these criminals so the world knows who they are. By Spreading this Article around we are showing the faces of the cowardly Russian criminals who lure and […]

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South African Student Tortured by Putin’s Anti-Gay Thugs

By Melanie Nathan, November 05, 2013. We have been reporting for some time the attacks of young people, including students, who are lured through the internet, by anti-LGBT, neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalists groups in Russia. We have also been reporting that these groups have gained strength and increased their attacks on young gay (LGBT) people or […]

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