Miss California and Donald Trump use President Obama as a shield for their bigotry and to clear and smear…

What makes me mad

What makes me mad

Donald Trump, Carrie Prejean, the Miss USA Pageant conducted a press conference today, to clear Ms. California and smear equality for America’s lesbian and gay community. Trump and Perjean purported to align to President Obama’s position and statement on gay marriage.  The conference was used as a platform (mmm maybe he was thinking Rosie – vendetta-in his overt endorsement of inequality).

What Trump failed to address is Miss California’s obvious political activism by being a spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage, hell bent on preventing gay marriages.  (note in her speech she said she was not an activist.)(Read my earlier Blog)  Then to add insult to injury she joined a group that is a flea trap for gay haters.

Okay so now the Pageant is indeed a political platform. Ms. Prejean teared- up as she spoke of the American freedoms that her grandfather fought for in the second world war.  Well, my family, Ms. Prejean, died in WWII because of hate, bigotry and discrimination, the Jews were stripped of their rights by the Nazi regime.  That is what your grandfather fought for.  He fought for freedom my freedom to marry who I love, my right to your rights, regardless of who I love.  Ms. California and  Mr. Trump what is next?

Marriage is a right that demands equality

In the year 2050, when your grandchildren view  these tapes, they will be ashamed that you made such prejudicial a statement for what then will be a basic given, gay marriage, just like the vote for women today is a mere given.   You see, any fight for equality is the American fight.  Religious beliefs ought not separate us, but you have used your crown as a means to further wedge this country on a politically charged issue.  You could have saved your freedom of speech for a different forum and when your year was up.  Your are not a victim you are a shame!

As for you Donald.  Its all over for you….. I hope Joan Rivers relinquishes her crown in protest.

Marriage is a right that demands equality

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8 Comments on “Miss California and Donald Trump use President Obama as a shield for their bigotry and to clear and smear…”

  1. oblogdeeoblogda May 12, 2009 at 12:11 PM #

    My comments to this press release – Reading into the verbiage it seems that Donald and carrie got together and he was pissed off about the fact that she had broken her contract especially by Carrie becoming the SPOKESWOMAN for the NOM video ads. So the compromise (remember this is my very own summation and reading between the lines) was to bring NOM in on the negotiation to detract from the truth by making the statement below. What they have tried to do is to justify Ms. Prejean’s existence and Trumps incongruous resistance to firing her. So they are pretending she was never a spokesperson, and hiding behind this big victory congratulations.
    In reality they are congratulating her for keeping her dishonored crown. What a bunch of schmendriks.

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BY National organization for marriage

    Now I get it.
    MAY 12, 2009
    CONTACT: Elizabeth Ray, , (x.130) or
    Mary Beth Hutchins, , (x.105)
    at 703-683-5004

    National Organization for Marriage President Maggie Gallagher Reacts to Donald Trump’s Conference with Carrie Prejean:

    (Princeton, NJ) – “I’m so happy for Carrie. Thank you Donald Trump for doing the right thing by Carrie. The most striking moment for me in this press conference was the moment Mr. Trump announced that Carrie would retain her title and there was a little burst of applause from the photographers. ‘The paparazzi are clapping,’ he said, ‘I’ve never seen that happen before. When the paparazzi are applauding you know it’s a popular decision.’

    When I first went on TV to defend Carrie, very few voices were doing so. Now she has the whole Trump organization defending her. So to those who are asking, I want to announce: I will not be doing any major TV appearances over the next few days, because this is Carrie’s moment and she and her people should decide who speaks on her behalf today and from now on. I’m very proud of her and look forward to cheering from the sidelines about all the important things she will accomplish and all the people she will inspire to speak truth to power.

    To the many major television producers who have asked me to appear today, let me say this: If by next week you are still interested in putting me on TV to ask about my, and the National Organization for Marriage’s, role in this cultural moment, I will be happy to be back on the air debating my critics, and the critics of those who support marriage.

    Take care and congratulations to Carrie.”

  2. Daniel Jackl May 20, 2009 at 8:03 PM #

    A short time ago a Miss Prejean basically said that marriage should only be of one man and one woman to each other.
    Where does she think she is? In a lan where a citizencan speak their opinion publicly?
    Does she think that she is in The United States of America?

    The United States of America w a s .
    This is The United States of Sodom.
    (The word ‘Homosexual’ has been in the same meaning in the English Language more than 300 years; the word ‘gay’ less than 50 in it’s new meaning.)

    • oblogdeeoblogda May 21, 2009 at 9:30 AM #

      Let me first thank you very much for visiting my site. I enjoy opposing views as a mechanism to reach consensus on at least some issues. If we do that then this can definately be a better America. All that I ask is for politness and decent language, that being a much more productive way to communicate.

      Let me say I do not quite understand the nuance of your first part of your comment, please feel free to return and explain in more detail. I do not understand, eiter, what relevance the dictionary term for homosexual has in this context? Perhaps you can explain further. As time goes by and technology enhances our ways of life, we develop new words in our society. For example the phrase to “google” someone – is not even a decade old, but we all know what it means and we have come to accept it in our terminology. Please help me and my readers understand the point you are making and again, please visit anytime. Melanie.

  3. Daniel Jackl May 21, 2009 at 6:07 AM #

    When a homosexual man or woman puts homosexuality first, such that if I don’t accept it they reject me, I reject it.

    But if a homosexual man or woman approaches me as a human being, leaving homosexuality alone, then I can listen to, and talk to that person, and so can God.

    • oblogdeeoblogda May 21, 2009 at 10:40 AM #

      Well again I am not quite sure what you mean here. But I will try and reply – All homosexuals and lesbians want is an equal shot at life. That means if a man or woman (lets say gay because its easier to write the word) falls in love with a person of the same sex, then they should be entitled under the civil law of this the USA to equal protection under the law. Straight people have 1,038 more federal rights given to them when they are allowed to marry. IF gay people could marry the person they have chosen to love they too would get those 1,038 rights which now they cannot. Do you think that is fair? I am not sking you to give me a religious answer. I respect your religion tha may think being gay is not okay.

      The right wing and Carries’s of the wrld view speak of mariage as an institution. Yes indeed it is -its a legal institution that carries rights and obligations under tyhe law and also protections. Because its a legal instiution it has to give equality under our constitution. However DOMA has prevented that from happening because people who do not believe in marriage have chosen to define it in a manner that institutionalizes discrimination. That is a very bad thing for America.

      So hopefully you can listen and talk to me about my views. I do not reject you – fully embrace you. I need you to know that I am very pleased that you have all the equality and legal rights you need. I do need you to know that many people are suffering because they do not have very important righst taht you automatically enjoy, just because you prefer a relationship with soemone of a different sex.

      So I accept you – you accept me- we are one big family and now its time for EQUALITY… tahnsk for posting. Come back again.

  4. Daniel Jackl May 22, 2009 at 1:28 PM #


    The National Tree of Sodom is in west Green Bay, north of Chicago, along Shawano Ave. just east of S. Platten, at the foot of three flag poles.

    • oblogdeeoblogda May 22, 2009 at 4:52 PM #

      I am very disappointed in you Daniel, I invite you onto my blog, I approve your commentary and I dont have a clue what you are talking about. I ask you for clarification and then you give me another cryptic sentence that says nothing to me. So please instead of cryptic one liners if you are indeed literate explain what you mean, if you are not literate then get someone else to write for you who can write. I am not going to waste my time with you any longer nor am I going to publish your comments unless you continue with some form of productive dialogue. Thanks anyway for your return visit. Melanie./

  5. Daniel Jackl October 27, 2009 at 3:05 PM #

    I retract ALL my prior words about The United States of America. I accept the word gay as being legitimate in today’s English. I face my error full-face. I swallow my words. Dan

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