She helped get these punks off the street by comming forward after brutal gang rape now she needs our help

 Please help –  – Four arrested and charges – Trial September 2009.


rapist behind barsDo you remember the horrific  Jane Doe Rape story in Richmond last winter?   “Google will give you more info than you want to know. The story was so upsetting that it traveled quickly around the globe.” – I found this on a group listing and thought I would post it here so we can all find a way to help or provide financial assistance.  Referred to as JD,  the young woman was viciously gang raped and beaten in Richmond last winter, when her perpetrators realized she was a lesbian.

“Detectives said the 28-year-old victim was brutally attacked on Dec. 13 after she got out of her car, which bore a rainbow gay pride sticker. The alleged attackers made comments indicating they knew she was a lesbian, police said. ..”     “Police “absolutely” consider it to be a hate crime the nature of the attack, but prosecutors will ultimately make the decision on whether to charge the case as a hate case.  Police said the victim lives openly with a female partner.”

She was dumped,  in the middle of the night in Richmond, naked, battered and bleeding,  shaking in absolute terror and pain, to fend for herself, as the perpetrators drove off in her car.

A person named Tallon has been maintaining a website to assist in supporting JD.  She needs help as soon as possible.   I cannot imagine how one is expected to simply bounce back and re-enter the world to survive and support oneself after such an atrocity.

The trial against the four accused rapists is coming up in September and as this young woman prepares for additional trauma, she needs the help of a loving LGBT community and the entire community at large.  Please can we all donate a few dollars to Tallon’s fundraiser, – we could make such a difference during this time when her ordeal is brought into the public arena.  Lets gather around her and give her our strength too; her bravery in coming forward and getting these rapist punks off the street serves us all!

Besides the dollars – Tallon is looking for prizes and raffle items for the fundraiser that is being held. Please visit the dedicated website for more information.

PLEASE we need to help …..  Here is another fund that was set up – not sure if it is still being funded:-
A fund has been set up for the victim. To donate, send a check made payable to Community Violence Solutions to: Community Violence Solutions, Attn: JoAnn Douglas, 2101 Van Ness Street, San Pablo, CA 94806. Write “To Richmond Jane Doe” in the memo line.

 Disclaimer:- Oblogdee is not responsible or associated with any fund mentioned in this Blog post and takes no responsibility for the funds or the legitimacy thereof.

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