Resolution in Support of UAFA moves through California Assembly –

California‘s Assembly has sent a message today – that it will accept no less than full immigration equality for its same-sex partners.  

AJR 15 is a Resolution that expresses its support for the Federal bill, UAFA,  that places the words “permanent partner”  next to “souse” in the Immigration and Nationality Act, thereby giving gay and lesbianpartners the right to sponsor a foreign partner. It passed the Ca Assembly today with a 41-28 party line vote.  It was indeed sad to note that not a single Republicancould vote for LGBT immigration rights.  When it comes to choosing equality, rights and keeping families together Republican representatives seem to favor  ‘the lock-step party march.’

Alice Kessler, Government Affairs Director for Equality California, worked very hard to bring AJR 15 this far. The Resolution, authored by Assembly member Kevin de Leon will probably go all the way through the  State Senate.     “This resolution is not about partisan politics, it’s about keeping families together — a cornerstone of U.S. immigration law,’ said Kessler.  ‘No law abiding and taxpaying citizen or  permanent resident should be separated from a loved one for no reason other than his or her sexual orientation.’

alice kessler EQCA


Members of the LGBT communitywho have had an impact on this Resolution include Amos Lim, Gina Caprio and Melanie Nathan who provided testimony at the Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing last month.   This Bill should arrive on the Senate floor in January of 2010.

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