Pyjama Blogger requests an interview with Joe Solmonese

Pyjama BloggerI am one of the PJ Bloggers the Whitehouse was recently referring to but do not allow that to give me any credit nothwithstanding the 24,000 that have read my blogs since February 2009, when I first started writing. Then I am a lesbian, but just a plebian one- so that may not work either.

Maybe this will provide me with some worthiness or credibility – I am a personal advocate having prevailed where LGBT organizatons refused to help stating the cases had no merit and nothing could be done.  I was the personal advocate for Shirley Tan and also other cases where you refused to help which your organizatonal impetus,  such as getting lesbians and gay men out of unwarranted immigration detentions.  Now I hope this intro provides me with some acceptable credentials to earn your ear.

 I am requesting a ten minute telephone interview with Joe Solmonese.  I have been writing so negatively about his lack of responses to President Obama’s speech and I realize that my anger which fuelled my knee jerk reactions ought to be tempered with some answers to pivotal questions that came up for me during the President’s speech. 

This event and the fallout reminds me of the Queen and Princess Dianna’s death.  (no pun ever! ) Joe needs to come out and acknowledge the sadness of the people.  To commiserate not pretend all is well in the Kingdom  of HRC – because that is how we the peeps see your response.

The people who have waited so long for full equality did not want to hear separate but equal embedded and overtly strewed into the Speech.  But the President did say he wanted to be honest and that he was.  However in his role transcending mere host, Joe must stand up and say what HRC plans on fighting for and how – because as it stands it seems to me you are asking for donations for a non-existent momentum and for money to support our less than interests.  Remember the statement in the speech “as much as the law allows?”  How can we allow that to stand unchallenged?  It is disingenuous to say the least.  I would like to have these questions answered and an interview would be much appreciated.   Regards, Melanie Nathan

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