Ugandan Police Persecute by Public Parading Men Accused of Being Gay

Showing the World How Unsafe Uganda is for Anyone, Tourists, Foreign Nationals…..

By Melanie Nathan, January 28, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.30.50 AMIt seems that the recent passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which has yet to pass the 30 day period of assent by President Museveni, has provided license to fuel police brutality and the unconscionable practice of parading those “innocent until proven guilty” in front of TV cameras, press and public.

Reports are emerging from Uganda that a Belgium man’s place of lodging was raided by police in the night. It is reported that the man and another, who may be Kenyan, were taken into custody by police to be charged with sodomy, under the penal code for “acts against the order of nature.” A source has informed us that the men will be forced to undergo medical exams as part of the investigation.

Activists have expressed outrage at the outing of the men on national TV and that whilst innocent, they have been paraded in front of press, which will result in severe prejudice and danger to the men – even if they are released and found not guilty.

There are some points to note about the impact of these arrests at this time:

The Anti-Gay Bill  is now in the hands of President Yomeri Museveni who has approximately 20 days left of the assent period. If the President does nothing with the Bill, that will amount to an assent. If he returns the Bill formally to Parliament, asking for amendments or rejecting it, the Parliament can still pass it on a two third majority vote without the President’s signature and while this time ticks by, the NRM, his ruling party, will conduct hearings about the science of being gay- to see if being gay is genetic or choice.

– And so-

Anti-gay forces are drumming up support for the anti-homosexuality bill, at a time when the bill is under extreme scrutiny. These arrests could be an attempt to show that such legislation is needed, to attempt to caste a shadow on show on homosexuality as if to assert that it is rampant – otherwise why would the police be showing off their catch?

It is known that this man was followed and stalked by police and may well have been set up.

Here is the report from a Ugandan Tabloid that picked up on the story thanks to the police parade – and I am publishing it here, without a link – so that readers can see how insidious and biased the reporting is in Uganda feeding into this witch hunt fervor :

Photos of Detained Gay Belgian Emerge

In an exclusive investigation, the {TABLOID} has obtained photos of the suspected gay Belgian and his Kenyan partner who are currently detained at Kiira Road Police Station in Kampala.

(REDACTED NAME ON REQUEST )  (in yellow T-shirt) with his Kenyan partner ( in stripes) talking to their lawyer at Kiira roda police station. The couple is expected in court on Tuesday to answer charges of engaging in sexual acts which are against the order of nature.

 According to the OC CIID at Kira road police station, the two gays have refused to be taken for medical check up and have instead referred police officers to go to the Belgium embassy for more information about them. Police has therefore, decided to carry out an abrupt check in their room for further evidence.

Gay suspects at Kiira road police (PIC)

REDACTED NAME and his Kenyan partner were reportedly caught in the act by police detectives on Sunday night.The couple was later detained at Ntinda Police Station, Kampala. On Monday morning, the two men were shifted to Kiira Road Police station. Julius Walimbwa, police official who was part of the investigation, confirmed the arrests and the media tests carried out on the suspects.

Suspects entreat their lawyer to “do something” about the whole situation (PIC)

Recently, Bernard Randall, a British national was deported on orders of a Judge after being found in possession of a gay video. ”

You will note from this report that the TABLOID is accusing the men of being a couple. In the meantime the way the law is currently written, with the more onerous AHB yet to be enacted, the onus of proof is on the police and prosecution to prove that the men are guilty of sodomy and that sodomy is a crime against the order of nature.

All said and done, no matter the outcome, by virtue of the police parade and how the Ugandan press reports so subjectively and judgmentally, these men’s lives are now forever ruined in Uganda.

What makes this even worse is that given this behavior by authorities, no one is safe from witch hunts. This fate could befall anyone – as long as someone has a grudge or as long as a politician wants to oppress an opponent, this tirade against homosexuality will be the weapon of choice. Hence the danger of the law.  The danger far outweighs any perceived good.  I mean really catching 2 adult men in the privacy of a residence- not harming anyone. And so not only should the AHB be scrapped, but also the draconian penal codes, both finding their basis rooted in colonialization and the export of hate from the West.


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