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CA Legislation to Close Gap between Marriage and Domestic Partnership Advances

06/02/2011, by Melanie Nathan Sacramento – Yesterday, the California State Senate passed legislation that would eliminate a statutory difference and inequity between marriage and domestic partnerships. Authored by Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and sponsored by Equality California, the Domestic Partnership Equality Act (SB 651) passed in a 23-15 vote. Specifically, the bill would eliminate […]

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“Hun, we live in a world where peoples are often so full of fear which is usually because of ignorance, – there are all sorts of different families – but they have usually only experienced their own. The unknown teririfies them; so they lash out in this way. What you heard on that ad, was unfair and contorted, but that is how the people who are against the idea of same-sex marriage think they can get other people to join their way of thinking.”

I provided more reassurance as best I could. A few more questions and answers later we arrived at school, and went on with the next two weeks, during which time HC and my four year old accompanied me to various “NO ON 8” rallies; “no on 8, no on 8,” a battle cry still performed by my 4 year old whenever she sees the number 8, whether in the market, at school or in the movies.

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Become a fan on facebook – Send President Obama a FLIP FLOP postcard

Asking our PREZ not to flip flop on his promise to eradicate DOMA. Defense of Marriage Act – TIme up for  second class citizen sour tatus – the unconscienable and excruciating changes to constitutions the theft  of our inherent rights; the money that funds confusion engendered by dishonest advertisements, of the self proclaimed religious, the claimed ownership of […]

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 California Supreme Court ruling on Proposition 8 Statement from California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton : “Today’s decision, while heartbreaking, doesn’t end the historic struggle for marriage equality. It renews our dedication to making sure all California families can again enjoy the dignity, commitment and responsibility of marriage. I commend the California Supreme Court for […]

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As we speak…our brothers and sister are being detained, in this the “Land of the Free”

I personally can name two binational partners/spouses who are being held in ICE detention. If they were legally able to marry their same-sex permanent partner or if  their marriages recognized, by Federal Law, (i.e. no Defense of Marriage Act) their same-sex spouse would have the right to petition for them to stay in the USA.  […]

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Queercents shuts down new blogger’s first blog to comments….

What makes me mad   Have you ever heard of an editor closing the comments down on a Blogger’s  post?  Serena Editor of QueerCents did just that, and I quote:  “Serena Says:  May 7th, 2009 at 12:47 pm  Editor’s Note: Due to the nature of many of the comments on this thread, comments have been […]

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What does Miss California, Carrie Prejean and Susan Boyle have in common

Media priorities highlighted in this unlikely comparative excercise… between Boyle, Miss California, and equal rights for lesbians and Gays…. check it out – Melanie Nathan authors

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If you watch this you will be touched……

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‘Carpe diem’ – seize the 100th day!

The first 100 days

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SHIRLEY’S BILL # 867 -introduced – by Senator Dianne Feinstein


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An American Family Value – Family Values what are they?

Commens made about Shirley Tan – some are heartless and cruel.

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A Bill in Time Saves 9!

Update Shirley Tan -binational lesbian couples; Opinion from Yours Truly….Please keep this story alive. The Mercado Tan family is still on the chopping block until 4/22/09 – hopefully Sen. Feinstein will introduce a Private Bill in time.  Pleas also note that each case is unique unto itself. Private Bills are not two- a- penny and […]

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IOWA YOU ROCK! Gay Marriage in Heartland.

Gay Marriage in Iowa.  The tought that only liberal Judges make correct constitutional endorsements of Gay Rights is over.  This sweeping ruling proves its constitutionally an abomination to deny gay partners their right to marry. Time for Federal rights too – pending marriage rights in all US States, COngress muct pass the Unificaton of American Families […]

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Press Release Shirley Tan

San Francisco, California “This is a good day for this family, but their fight is not over,” said Chris Waddling, Binational Couples Outreach Director for Marriage Equality USA. Shirley Tan, the California mother of two who was to be deported April 3rd has been given a stay of deportation until April 22nd pending the possibility of further action. Thanks to the heroic efforts of her counsel, Melanie Nathan, lawyer Phyllis Beech, Rep. Jackie Speier [CA-12], Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Immigration Equality’s Julie Kruse, Ms Tan, her wife of 23 years, U.S. citizen Jay Mercado, and their two sons will not be saying goodbye to one another just yet.

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Breaking News Shirley Tan deportation Case

I was informed by Rep. Speier’s office that there is a temporary stay of deportation pending further work that is being done in the case. The stay has been extended tto April 22, 2009.   we await this in writing to be sure.  Although the family is not out of the woods, so to speak, this news is gratifying, said […]

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S.424 Oregon’s Merkeley added as co-sponsor of UAFA

   S . 424         At the request of Mr. LEAHY, the name of the Senator from Oregon (Mr. MERKLEY) was added as a cosponsor of S . 424 , a bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate discrimination in the immigration laws by permitting permanent partners of United States citizens and lawful […]

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Help us Please – twin boys beg for Mother’s rights

LGBT Families torn about by lack of equal protection under Federal law.

Special Thanks to:
Martha and Lin McDewitt-Pugh – Love in Exile (http://www.loveexiles.org/)
Julie Kruse and Victoria Neilson Immigration Equality, (www.immigrationequality.org)

Melanie Nathan, CEO Private Courts, Inc. (www.privatecourts.com)
GLAAD for media support and training Cindi Creaver (www.glaad.org/
Offices of Senator Boxer and Senator Feinstein

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America can be such a sad place for so many

PLEASE CONGRESS 36,000 AMERICANS AND THEIR CHILDREN DESPERATELY SEEKING UAFA passage …. There are American citizens who are being discriminated against in a way that extends beyond civil rights into the realm of human rights and it has everything to do with immigration law – do you want to remain silent … read this and decide. Please ask your Senator to support and push for Uniting American Faminlies Act…. read on

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“Last November, 13,402,566 California voters expressed themselves for or against Proposition 8, …

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Proposition 8 California

Proposition 8 and the mormon church

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