An American Family Value – Family Values what are they?


 I AM QUOTING THIS MORON –4/3/2009 6:14:29 AM SF.Gate  from the comments on San Framcisco Chronicle Article about Shireley Tan.

“If you arent married, you don’t deserve the benefits of marriage. This makes liberals cry and scream and stamp their feet and pout, but kids, marriage isn’t just “a piece of paper”. It’s a commitment (not some bs promise between shack ups) recognized by the state and society. People “live together” so they can get the goodies of marriage but have the option to bug out when they want to, without the drag of going to court.

 This story is pathetic, and it’s of their own doing. THE CHILDREN of course, are the real victims, adults can do any stupid thing that they want. Dragging kids around and involving them in your stupidity is something else altogether. If this hurts the little feelings of all you “progressive” types that devalue and undermine the sanctity of a marriage, too bad. This was a bad decision by the parents, and it’s impact is borne by the kids. Most liberals could give a rat’s ass about that, as long as they get what THEY want…..”

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What part of Gays and Lesbian are not allowed to marry does this guy not get?   There are so many negative comments about the plight of Shirley Tan.  It is so disheartening to note how many people in this Country have absolutely no regard for the best interests of two young innocent kids.  How can your politics be more important than a kid having his/her mom live in his or her country of citizenship?  Before any of the comentators condemn this family, kindly avail yourself of all the facts.

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