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Impact of New Study of Gay Brothers on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

And the Renewed Interest in Genetic Factors in Homosexuality  By Melanie Nathan, February 14, 2014. In an article posted by Warren Throckmorton, it is revealed that papers in Australia and the UK published stories late yesterday about a study recently described at the 2013 International Association for Sex Research by Alan Sanders and then yesterday by […]

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Has the Death Penalty Really been removed from Uganda’s Kill the Gays Bill?

By Melanie Nathan, January 13, 2014. It seems that I am not the only one who is wondering why no one can get their hands on the current version Ugandan Parliament’s Anti-homosexuality Bill (AHB) and mistrusting the situation. Where is a Parliamentary copy of the version of the AHB that has apparently passed Parliament; the […]

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Ugandan Langa prepares to use imported anti-gay propaganda to raise more money

to support the Kill the Gays Bill By Melanie Nathan, July 23, 2012. Do you recall the American evangelicals who attended a conference in Kampala causing anti-gay panic and heightened hate sentiment in that country, leading to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, calling for the death penalty to gays?  Do you recall that conference where these radical […]

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See Ugandan MP Minority Report Calling for Scrapping of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

By Melanie Nathan, February 17, 2013. Warren Throckmorton, has published a draft copy of a Minority Report which apparently had made its way out of the Ugandan Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Committee on the Anti-homosexuality Bill. The Bill, otherwise known as The Kill the Gays Bill which had reached position number 3 last week on […]

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Ugandan Kill the Gays Bill Drops to Second Place With Death Still an Option

By Melanie Nathan, Dec 06, 2012. Due to the death of a former MP, Uganda’s Parliament did not consider any business yesterday. Instead, and took the day for a memorial to former MP Atenyi Deo Zabasaija. Warren Throckmorton,  noted that the bill might make it on the agenda Thursday, but he doubted and was correct to […]

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Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill on way to Parliament from Committee

Watch for protests to Start Next Week in U.S.A. By Melanie Nathan, November 23, 2012. The Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill is closer to entering the Parliament and likely to be heard next week.  It has been on the Paper Orders (Agenda) for the past two days. The Bill will leave the committee and will not be […]

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Uganda Coalition of Leaders Promote Kill the Gays with Lies

Meeting of Ugandans perpetuates U.S. Evangelical homophobic lies about homosexuality with calls for Passage of  Kill the Gays Bill By Melanie Nathan, November 10, 2012. This past week Uganda’s prominent homophobes and proponents of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, otherwise dubbed the ‘Kill The Gays Bill‘ clustered in conference to push for passage the dubious legislation which […]

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Kirk Cameron’s Monumental Kill Gays Question

By Melanie Nathan, March 28, 2012 Kirk Cameron has come out with a pseudo-historical documentary  which premiered last night and is asking that the film, Monumental, become a movement. He is also selling material by Marshall Foster on the Monument website. We are compelled to ask Cameron where he stands, especially in light of his […]

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Ugandans May be Back Peddling on Anti-Gay Bill

Stephen Tashobya, chair of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of the Ugandan Parliament, declines to promise to return the bill to Parliament within the 45 day period required by Parliament rule and he declined to comment about any pressure from the Executive branch to stall the bill. Stephen Tashobya, chair of the Legal and Parliamentary […]

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Uganda’s Homophobic Parliament vs Concerned Spiritual leaders | Return of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill |

“If you are Lesbian, when you come to Uganda to entice our young people to join you in the immoral vice of homosexuality, we shall arrest you….” Y. Bihande by Melanie Nathan, 02/10/2012 This week the Ugandan Parliament got one step closer to legalizing persecution in its country.  David Bahati, the MP from Nordwa province […]

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Uganda Kill The Gays Bill is read in Parliament Today | Conversation with Bahati

By Melanie Nathan, February 07, 2012, Further to my earlier report and now according to Warren Throckmorton Helen Kawesa, Uganda’s Parliamentary spokesperson informs  today that David Bahati’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill is on the agenda to be tabled for a first reading in today’s session of Parliament. Throckmorton’s post reads:- Kawesa said, “The bill will go through a […]

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