Shame on Cain: Herman Cain unable to pull off a “Clarence Thomas”

 Herman Cain suspends his campaign for 2012 GOP presidential nomination

 By Melanie Nathan, December 3,
 Herman Cain, was an unknown businessman a few months back until he decided to run for the Republican presidential nomination.  Soon a bunch of whistle blowing harassment survivors seized the imperative duty to inform the American public that our erstwhile godfather  was indeed nothing more than a groper!Cain became a frontrunner in the Republican presidential race, and has now finally suspended his campaign  following allegations of an extramarital affair which in turn had followed claims of sexual harassment.

Maybe Cain thought he could pull a “Clarence Thomas” – where despite the testimony of harassment survivor Anita Hill, Thomas still made it to the United States Supreme Court Bench. It is indeed a great pity that there was not a single soul willing to come forward and accuse Thomas of an extra-marital affair at the time, because  amongst Republicans the latter seems to resonate actio-non-grata more than sexual harassment allegations.

Perhaps Cain relied on the Thomas precedent, not for one second thinking that a ‘non-victim’ would have the brave foot to step forward. After all it does take a very brave person like Ginger White to admit to a consensual affair.

Instead Cain hedged his bets when he entered the race and he lost to single brave woman!

For the past month, Cain has held on as an embattled candidate, denying accusations that he had sexually harassed several women when he headed the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. With his standing in the polls already slipping, an Atlanta woman this week came forward and alleged that she and Cain had carried on a 13-year affair.

The former Godfather’s chief executive, whose snappy slogans and simple policy prescriptions won over voters, fiercely denied all of the accusations.

Now it is time to bid Mr. Cain farewell and to wish Mrs. Cain the very best of luck.

2012 Prediction – Cain Marriage ends in Divorce- Mrs. receives 80% of  non-hidden marital assets!

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One Comment on “Shame on Cain: Herman Cain unable to pull off a “Clarence Thomas””

  1. tiyeyayu December 3, 2011 at 4:29 PM #

    He was just a distraction anyway…he was never their choice!!!

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