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Idaho GOP resolves to reverse gay rights

By Cathy Kristofferson, June 16,2013 Idaho, like other states, has gained some protections for its LGBT community through municipal ordinances banning discrimination in housing and employment.  It seems the Idaho State GOP just can’t stand that fact!  Yesterday at their annual Central Committee summer meeting the Republican Party leaders of Idaho passed a non-binding resolution […]

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GAY U.S.A. BLOG August Updates

In addition to this BLOG, Editor Melanie Nathan contributes to other BLOGS, such as The Advocate, LGBTQ Nation, GAY STAR NEWS and others; and much of her writing about U.S.A. equality news can be found in her BLOG at GAY U.S.A. the Movie, which she is co-producing with filmmaker Kristina Lapinski.  Lapinski can be seen […]

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Jimmy LaSalvia, Christopher R. Barron, GOProud Co-Founders

Gay Republicans Commit Equality Suicide with Pride over Romney’s Ryan Pick

“I am disgusted by any Gay person who by their promotion for GOP votes condones the race baiter NOM Pledge” Melanie Nathan By Melanie Nathan, August 11, 2012. In an anomaly that defies reconciliation, Gay Republicans of the GOProud and Log Cabin creed, have praised the Romney choice for VP, asserting that the Paul Ryan […]

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Shame on Cain: Herman Cain unable to pull off a “Clarence Thomas”

 Herman Cain suspends his campaign for 2012 GOP presidential nomination  By Melanie Nathan, December 3,  Herman Cain, was an unknown businessman a few months back until he decided to run for the Republican presidential nomination.  Soon a bunch of whistle blowing harassment survivors seized the imperative duty to inform the American public that our erstwhile godfather  […]

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Fred Karger Republican Presidential Candidate Fights for ENDA

By Melanie Nathan, Dec 02, 2011 Yesterday, Fred Karger launched his issues campaign.  It was my pleasure to write an article for the Advocate that posted at the moment of Karger’s launch. While still a staunch Democrat and supporter of President Obama, I believe that I am still obligated to provide Fred Karger, the first […]

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Racsim: Alive and Well and Living in America

Racsim: Alive and Well and Living in America.. I came to live in the US some 24 years ago, in the earnest belief that there would be no racism in this my new country; I believed that this America was the greatest and most free place on earth.  Clearly my impression stemmed from the context of […]

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I’m on my way to UAFA

I am leaving tomorrow for D.C. to attend the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing convened by Senator Leahy.   I will be blogging on a daily basis, albeit cryptic (perhaps.)   I believe and of course stand to be corrected that the Republican members of the committee are only obligated to be present for 15 minutes.   I don’t […]

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