Hate Speech as Ugandan Minister Onek Vows to Kill NGO’s that Help Gays

By Melanie Nathan August 08,2012.

Watch Ugandan media and officials describe homosexuality as decadence, while  Minister Onek vows to clamp down  on all non profit organizations that he says hide this promotion of decadence behind so called “human rights.”   The ministry has decided it will conduct checks on all NGO’s looking “for suspected culprits.”

The Ugandan Government has started screening all Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’S) focusing especially on those that promote Human rights and advocacy.

The Minister in-charge of the Internal Affairs docket Hillary Onek revealed that the move is geared towards identifying Organizations “that are promoting vices like homosexuality, lesbianism and divisions among Ugandans while claiming to be advocates of human rights.”

This will result in a great withdrawal of Aid and help to many who need it on so many levels; and the clamping down will probably impact many programs that help Ugandans from all walks of life. Undoubtedly Human Rights groups will be forced to withdraw support for Uganda and this may even lead to withdrawal of  International Government AID.

The suggestion that homosexuality can be promoted is based on quackery and phoney assertions and it is mind boggling to see a government of Uganda’s sophistication fall lame to such nonsense. While this is scape-goating and clearly an excuse to divert attention from Uganda’s real problems, it is an extraordinary display of ignorance fueled by hate.

What makes this undeniably the most ludicrous move on the part of Uganda’s Museveni administration, in a series expounding persecution against gays,  is the fact that there is no law outlawing so called “promotion” of homophobia in Uganda and even if there was such a law  undoubtedly the Ugandan Courts, notorious for their independence, will find such to be unconstitutional.

Currently the Courts are calling upon Minister Simon Lokodo to justify the legality of arrests and his breaking up of a meeting of LGBT activists , under the same false notion, accusing participants of  so called “promotion” of homosexuality.

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