Academy Award winner risks arrest by waving rainbow flag in Red Square Moscow

Will the Olympic athletes attending the Sochi Olympic Games follow her lead?

By Cathy Kristofferson, July 4, 2013

tildaswintonAcademy award winning actress Tilda Swinton yesterday risked arrest by standing with a rainbow flag in Red Square Moscow in clear violation of Russia’s new national so-called anti-gay “promotion” law.

The picture was posted to Twitter by her agent, openly gay Christian Hodell:

Please share this message from Tilda: “In solidarity. From Russia with love.”

Her activism followed President Vladimir Putin signing the latest in a string of anti-gay law – the ban on adoptions by nations where same-sex marriage is legal.  See OBLOGDEE story here on that bill.

In reply to a reader’s comment here on the BLOG piece calling for a boycott of the Sochi Russia Olympic Games I has noted that if the athletes will not boycott the games that they at least walk into the Opening Ceremonies not only waving the usual flags of their home countries but also rainbow flags in solidarity with their fellow LGBT athletes and the LGBT community in Russia.

The International Olympic Committee is still silent on how they will ensure the safety of the athletes and all who attend the Games in a country violating the IOC’s own charter for non-discrimination.

Russia  is a country where laws are restrictive, prejudicial and represent negative depictions of LGBT people, ad also where homophobia and its related violence continues to escalate.

If they won’t arrest Tilda Swinton, they won’t arrest Olympic athletes especially during such a widely publicized event.  So, what do you say Olympic Athletes?  If not the Opening Ceremonies perhaps the Closing?

#BoycottSochi #BoycottOlympics #welovetilda

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9 thoughts on “Academy Award winner risks arrest by waving rainbow flag in Red Square Moscow

  1. Reblogged this on JerBear's Queer News, Views & Memories and commented:
    Way to go Tilda! Thanks for the Olympics reply, the proposal you made seems quite doable. If athletes are brave on the slopes and rinks they should also be brave enough to stand up for LGBT Russians.

  2. Wow Tilda! Way to go!!!

    I agree, Melanie. The Olympics should not be hosted in that backwards, ugly, bigoted environment.

    Boycott the Olympics & support equal human rights!

  3. HERE a comment left on Google+ : from Craig Walker
    ‘Leave it up to a Scottish lady to poke a bear in the eye. I love her!’

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