Ugandan Archbishop Approves Hate-Gays Law in Christmas Church Message

By Melanie Nathan, December 25, 2013.

 Pic Vice President, Edward Ssekandi

Vice President, Edward Ssekandi at Church

The Kampala Archbishop, Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, has called for an urgent revisit by all Ugandans of their ways of life as they brace to receive the new born baby, Jesus Christ, and welcome the New Year 2014. However he chose to emphasize homosexuality in his sermon:

Archbishop Lwanga gave his tips about homosexuals and spiritual rebirth, saying:-

“I don’t know why our parliament could take all this time discussing whether or not we should have a law against homosexuality….. Let’s preserve our dignity as God’s loved children by preserving his own image in which we were all created, and desist from such abominable acts and behavior.”

In his Christmas message delivered at the grand mass held at Lubaga Cathedral today Lwanga expressed his deep concern over the s called “soaring trends of homosexuality,” “a behavior which is in breach not only of God’s word but out national constitution as well”.

The Archbishop is continuing to participate in the hate against gays, as he reiterates the haggard rhetoric that has been plaguing Uganda for years, since the Anti-Gay Bill was first introduced in April, 2009.  The Archbishop and the proponents of the Anti-Gay Bill, have all yet to prove that homosexuality is a soaring trend,that homosexuality is a behavior that hurts any single human being.

Sermons such as these do nothing more than promote hate. There are 10 myths perpetuated by hate mongers Scott Lively and Lou Angle and this has made its way into mainstream Ugandan congregations, as the precursor to the Kill the Gays Bill. The Bill passed parliament last week, with the death clause removed, but life in prison for gay people, 3 years in prison for those failing to report known gays and also sanctions against those doing the so called “promotion” of homosexuality.

The Archbishop is using his Christian pulpit on Xmas day to spread falsity, myth and hate. (

Homosexuality is a natural born sexual orientation, just as is heterosexuality. Not everyone subscribes to the same interpretation of Bible as does the Archbishop and his flock. It would seem that his version is one which spreads lies about gay people. Nowhere in the Bible is a private relationship between two loving consenting adults of the same-sex outlawed. The applause for the new law and the use of the Xmas holiday to promote his hate agenda against gays, serves only to isolate the world further from Uganda.

While Uganda may try to tout itself as a Christian Country, it is supposed to be a democracy, with freedom of religion and respect for all human rights. The Ugandan Constitution is a document independent of the Bible.  It is the document that governs Uganda, not the bible.  In due course, we will probably find that once the new law is tested for constitutionality, it will fail.

As part of his sermon, Llwanga notes, in stark contradiction:

“As we celebrate this birth of our Lord Jesus Christ this year round, let us resolve to do as the Lord wishes us, and have respect for our fellow humans.”

I am led to believe that to Llwanga Gays are not to be counted in as humans!

In attendance were a number of dignitaries from both Central and Buganda Governments who included Vice president, Edward Ssekandi, Buganda Prime Minister, Charles Peter Mayiga, and Members of Parliament, among other officials.


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