WANTED | Names and Faces of Russian Criminals who Tortured South African Student

SA student perceived as Gay tortured by Russian gangsters known as Occupy Pedophile who are given Impunity by Vladimir Putin and his homophobic regime

#WANTED Let us #OUT these criminals so the world knows who they are. By Spreading this Article around we are showing the faces of the cowardly Russian criminals who lure and kidnap young people, #gay or perceived as gay, for the purposes of public torture and humiliation; and all the while Vladimir #Putin watches on… his tacit endorsement, with license provided by his homophobic anti-gay legislation.

By Melanie Nathan, November 08, 2013.

On Monday morning a coalition of LGBTI organizations and activists from South Africa, as well as international groups expressing solidarity, will be sending a letter to the South African Government. The letter which can be read below, asks the South African Government to take action after a young South African student was lured, kidnapped and tortured by a Neo-Nazi/ Ultra Nationalist group in Russia. Amongst the requests is that South African demand the arrest of the men who committed the heinous crimes against its young citizen. There was also a blonde woman involved and her photo and name will be added to the list. The Coalition is requesting that the  Vladimir Putin and  the Russian Government investigate the men below and the one woman in the video. The video is readily available ion Russian social media and we also have a download which will be sent.  If anyone has further information or if you would like to be added to the letter, please feel to make contact at [email protected]

W  A  N  T  E  D



Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 8.00.20 AMMaxim Martsenkevich (“Tesak”)

Maxim Sergeyevich Martsinkevich is a former leader of the far-right extremist group Format18, which was the ‘armed wing’ of the Russian neo-Nazi organization NSO. Wikipedia
Born: July 8, 1984 (age 29) – in the Video the SA student is forced to send greeting to Tesak as well as to do the group’s bent thumb sign.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.23.46 AM Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.23.39 AM Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.23.33 AM Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.23.24 AM Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.23.17 AM


Article | South African Student Tortured by Putin’s Anti-Gay Thugs

By Melanie Nathan, November 05, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 6.51.42 AM

Name of South African victim given as David Smith | Russian Anti-gay Perptartors – Occupy Pedophilia ‘s Maxim Martsinkevich

We have been reporting for some time the attacks of young people, including students, who are lured through the internet, by anti-LGBT, neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalists groups in Russia. We have also been reporting that these groups have gained strength and increased their attacks on young gay (LGBT) people or those perceived as gay, especially since passage of the new anti-gay law, known as the anti-propaganda law.

n Belgorod, Russia the infamous Neo Nazi group “Okkupaj Pedofilyaj”  (Occupy Pedophilia  ) lured into the trap and tortured a South African national who came to Russia to study at the local University. The victim identified himself as David Smith, 20 years old. On the video his captors detained David in the bathtub, shaved his head in a reverse mohawk, painted the shaved part in green, assaulted with watermelon and later made him imitate an oral sex with a beer bottle.

Throughout the whole video gang members made numerous racial slurs and even made his victim say “White Power” in English (see the video below at 24:37).

Recently the same Neo Nazi groups conducted so-called “White Train Car” action where they attacked and severely assaulted non-ethnic Russians passengers in Moscow subway. The attack was carried out in the broad day light while chanting “Kill! Kill! Kill!”, Russian police did nothing to stop itREAD MORE


To:   Department of International Relations and Cooperation
South Africa, Ms Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, Minister

The South African Ambassador, Moscow:
H.E. Ambassador Mandisi Bongani Mabuto Mpahlwa

The South African Ambassador, U.S.A.:
H.E. Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool

The South African Department of Justice, Minister Jeff Radebe

Swaziland Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Hon.Chief Mgwagwa Gamedze | Mr. Sotsha Dlamini

Private Courts International has teamed up with a coalition of South African organizations, to request that the South African Government take immediate steps to pursue this matter with the Russian Government. We have received a disturbing report that a South African citizen was lured, kidnapped, assaulted and tortured by an infamously known Neo Nazi group “Okkupaj Pedofilyaj” led by Mr. Maxim Martsinkevich (aka “Tesak” which means “Cleaver” in Russian).

The uprising of these groups has been the result campaign of state sponsored homophobia and xenophobia started by Vladimir Putin’s administration and supported by his Parliament.  It is apparent that these criminals, motivated by homophobia and racism, enjoy full impunity and even support from the Russian law enforcement agencies and police.

Now a young South African student has been seriously harmed. It is as if our entire community has been assaulted and insulted.  This coalition of LGBT organizations and activists, have come together to make this request, as we are taking this matter very seriously.  There is an explicit video evidencing the kidnapping and the attack, which clearly shows the faces and actions of the perpetrators.  We are currently working with an international Russian LGBT group to identify the perpetrators, with screen shots and names attached to each one.

This self-proclaimed militia purports to fight pedophiles, however, in reality they lure unsuspected gay victims into a trap through the internet, where they humiliate and torture them on video.  Their activities are fully supported by the infamous Russian social network VK.com where they post fake personal ads to attract unsuspected victims, coordinate man hunting campaigns (“safari”), raise money and even sell tickets for the right to participate in the hunting for people.  Later they freely post numerous videos featuring the process of torture and violence.

It has come to our attention that our citizen, David Smith, 20, was captured in Belgorod, Russia where he attends a local university, which he may now have been

expelled from for being perceived as gay.  He has been further victimized by this awful event.  We are not convinced that this is his real name. However his identity is easily determined from the video, which we have linked. http://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2013/11/05/south-african-student-tortured-by-putins-anti-gay-thugs/

Please note that we have the original video clip and can upload directly to the SA Government authorities upon request.

This young man was detained against his will, humiliated and tortured. He became a target of the racial and homophobic slurs. Mr. Smith’s head was partially shaved; he was assaulted with a beer bottle and slapped on the face repeatedly. Finally, his captors made him declare the phrase “White Power” on video.

Clearly, Mr. Smith remains in the immediate danger in Belgorod, Russia. Previous experience with similar crimes indicated that Russian police failed to protect or even tried to protect their citizens.

South African people must be warned and the young student must receive help.

Hate crime statistics and human rights violations gathered by such organizations as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch indicate that Russia fails to follow the rule of law and encourage racism, xenophobia, homophobia and fascism to rein freely on its territory. Now we have one of our own who has been horribly impacted by the rampant homophobia and racism.

Accordingly, we are calling for the South African Government to act immediately as follows:

  1. To protect all South Africans traveling to Russia and the surrounding areas, especially students, people doing business, tourists or those attending sporting events; an advisory also for people not to use the internet to meet strangers or perceived friends via social media;
  2. To call upon Vladimir Putin to speak out publicly against this specific attack and attacks in general, by the named Neo-Nazi groups and Ultra-Nationalist groups;
  3. For the Russian Government to issue an apology to the young student, known as David Smith, and the people of South Africa, specifically the LGBT community for the homophobic and racist behavior of the group in targeting the young South African;
  4. To immediately issue warrants for the arrests of all the individuals named and /or identified in the Video (http://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2013/11/05/south-african-student-tortured-by-putins-anti-gay-thugs/
  5. For the Russian Government to provide reparation to the young student, for failing to protect him from the known dangers of these groups, by allowing them to operate with impunity
  6. Call upon the Russian Government to revoke the anti-LGBT legislation, in the form of so called anti-propaganda laws, as such are based on false representations of LGBT people and serve only to provide license to groups that continue to persecute gays;
  7. Call upon the Russian Government to embark upon an education campaign to counter the myth and lies about LGBT people in an effort to prevent further anti-gay attacks;
  8. To do all necessary to hold the Russian authorities for the pain and suffering inflicted upon the young South African student;
  9. To help the young student to return home to South Africa safely and to receive the trauma counseling and care he will need.

Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.



Melanie Nathan B.A. LL.B
Executive Director
Private Courts International

SA Gay & lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
Board, Press & Media Liaison
Christina Engela,

Gay Flag South Africa (GFSA)
Eugene Brockman & Henry Bantjes

Pam Dhlamini
Rainbow UCT

Rico Zaaiman
Circle of the African Moon

While the following groups are not involved in making requests of the South African Government, they endorse this request as an expression of international solidarity with the LGBT community and people of South Africa:

Spectrum Human Rights, Washington D.C.
Larry Poltavtsev

Nina Long
Russian Speaking American LGBT Group

Michael Petrelis
Gays Without Borders
San Francisco, CA, USA

IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED TO THIS LETTER CONTACT Melanie via e-mail at  [email protected]


READ ALSO http://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2013/11/14/maxim-martsenkevich-tesak-gay-pin-up-of-the-week/Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 5.06.41 PM

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98 Comments on “WANTED | Names and Faces of Russian Criminals who Tortured South African Student”

  1. Dr. Rex November 8, 2013 at 8:11 AM #

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Justice should be done!!!

    • Nickita November 12, 2013 at 4:20 AM #

      pff, this article has a low factual value. Frankly speaking tit is plenty of disinformation. First of all Putin has nothing common with that gang, and the second we haven’t got any law that opresseses gays (i am lawyer and i know what i’m saying). If somebody wants to discuss i with me politely, i can answer all your questions from the Russian point of view.

      • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 6:31 PM #

        Nickita you are under informed and you see it from your own perspective. I also hear that in Russia you do not get to see all the media that we get to see here. I understand your lack of information can be attributed to that fact. I have a list of things you have never been privy to ito what the Russian authorities hide from you,. Hence I excuse your limited information. Not to mention that you may have your own agenda. Let me explain – from a human rights perspective . And I am an international human rights attorney. I understand the law very well and the Russian anti-propaganda law has its very premise rooted in myth and misinformation about gays. You cannot have “gay propaganda” it does not exist. Its a false premise. Human sexuality cannot be propagandized. I cannot turn a straight person gay and I cannot turn a gay person straight. No amount of support or enticement can change or alter a persona’s sexuality.. So to base a law on a lie is an infringement on one’s basic human rights. That said Putin has supported a law that in fact puts out a lie about a minority group. That is tantamount to giving license and impunity to those thugs who seek the demise of that minority group. The Occupy pedophilia is a front for racists, Xenophobes and homophobes – easily proven,. Hence Putin is complicit. Until he arrests those thugs for their precise crimes – not trumped up crimes – then he is complicit. Until he eradicates laws based on lies , then he is complicit. Hopefully this cryptic answer will provide a measure of understanding and set the tone for the conversation you say you would like to have. Scott Lively, the American Evangelical extremist Christina is taking credit for the anti-gay laws in Russia 0 known as the Anti-Prpooganda law. It is rooted in lies. That said, I have 2 children. Beautiful normal kids- well adjusted, really bright, sports kids, who do well at school. They lead very normal lives. We talk about gay rights all the time around my dinner table. i explain the importance of freedom and equality to my kids. NONE of that will make them straight or gay. So where is the propaganda. In RU I can stand accused of a crime? My life and my homes is as good as anyone’s. I just had a meeting with Russian activists – here is the article / They were telling us that young people who are under 18 are not getting the counseling and help they need with the fact that they are feeling like they are GAY. Instead of getting counseling and being able to talk about safe-sex they are so stigmatized that they are afraid to go to clinics for HIV testing and counseling. http://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2013/11/11/russian-group-visits-the-castro-to-discuss-lgbt-human-rights/

        • Nickita November 13, 2013 at 11:49 AM #

          Well, Melanie I can say the same that you are not informed very well. Especially concerning the fact that we haven’t got any foreign mass media. There is no Great Firewall in Russia like in China, so Internet is the most open source of information and if western mass media post news in the net, we will read it. And frankly speaking despite that Russia is a great country of vodkas, balaikas, high rates of crime, Kalashnikov etc. we have an IPTV or cable TV or satellite TV, so we do have an access to the non-Russian mass media BCC, CNN Discovery CBS etc.
          Moreover trap or provocation (concerning the provocation of the crime by the law enforcement) doesn’t invoke liberation from criminal liability. For example if a person sells to another person(a police agent) drugs he will be punished for attempt to sell drugs. And the last point about disinformation, all laws which prohibit gays to assembly in gay prides or smth else are not federal laws but municipal laws, so formally you are not right when you are talking about Putin who adopted antigay laws. This regulations are written in Local Administrative Codes, e.g. in Saints-Petersburg, but this was the decision of town’s douma, of the deputies. Of course I agree that in case of propaganda (not only so called gay propaganda) we have problems, but this problems connected not with direct anti-gay policy but with the fact that it is very difficult to define what the propaganda it is, so we have the law enforcement problems.
          And you see Tesak it is the person whose activity I began to observe long ago. And formally all his videos are against pedophiles, and as i have just said Constitutional Court didn’t accept the view that provocation or trap doesn’t invoke criminal liability. All (most of them) or things which he is doing in his videos are the cases of private prosecution. So returning back to the video, when an adult person comes to a child (a person under 16) and if there are enough evidences (usually Tesak uses phone talk prints or microphones) under the Russian criminal law the real offender will be an adult pedophile (firstly pedophile not gay).

          • Melanie Nathan November 13, 2013 at 1:20 PM #

            Of course some media is blocked in Russia. I have received a recent email from a source listing the media that has been blcoked. CNN etc. does not cover this type of stuff.

            I understand the law of entrapment in Russia and in other countries and all differ. That is not the point I am interested in. The point is the young man we were talking about showed up and took a shower. No crim was committed by him. he never hurt anyone and his intention was obscured by a severe language barrier. The person who he spoke to on the phone had a man’s voice, not a child’s voice.

            And so using racial slurs, assaulting people by smashing watermelon in their face, sodomizing Iraq young man with a beer bottle, and shaving people’s hair, trapping people who cannot speak Russian at all, all of that is a great way to uphold Russian law? I do not understand what you are trying to tell me. You seem to want to justify what tesak is doing. it makes no sense. Because none of what you say justifies the fact that tesak is (in my understanding) committing crimes in the nae of safety. Can you imagine if the entire population believed they had the right to take the law into their own hands and meter out any punitive measures they wanted without a trial. Your argument is meaningless to me and the fact that your society is condoning it is absolutely barbaric to me. Pedophile or no pedophile – citizens are not entitled to be judge jury and hangman.

            I understand the municipal codes. one such municipality revoked the anti-propaganda law.

            Thank you for yur admission that the Anti-propaganda law is harmful – its a huge problem and its very premise is anti-gay. It was signed nto law by Putin

            Stop trying to defend your homophobic society. Russians are en masse homophobes…. jsut look at these disgusting comments.

            Calling someone a FAg and not to mention he disgusting perverted remarks that I have not even put up here in my moderation of comments.

      • Dr. Rex November 12, 2013 at 6:32 PM #

        I believe that’s what Ms. Melanie Nathan, another lawyer and humanitarian advocate has been trying to do.

    • Pavel November 12, 2013 at 9:17 AM #

      You are under the great delusion. Occupay Pedophile does not kidnap people. They don’t torture gays. They catch pedophiles, who want sex with young boys under 15th years old. They punish that ugly people. In Russia justice does not work, that leads to punishment from society.
      Maxim and his friends do the great job. People in other contries distort the real things. Every pedophile is older than 18. Pedophiles afraid him, and this is right. The count of pedophile cases very decreased in Russia, thanks to Occupy Pedophile.
      If one person is gay, nobody will touch him, if he does not want meet young boy.

      • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 2:39 PM #

        So is Maxim Tesak your new CZAR? Do you want to keep living in a society where there is no law and order? Where people pretend there is a case – so that they fabricate and entrap kids who just want to socialize with each other – to pretend like something is happening. Damn sick if you ask me. This is not the right way to do things. Its an excuse to capture and torture gays because you are homophobic. Which means in that you FEAR. You are afraid of being gay so you turn against gays.

        • Vanya November 25, 2013 at 10:04 PM #

          You’re under propaganda.

          1. Maxim Slasher nationalist, and they are the opposition to Putin
          2. Negro – pedophile (crime) and fag
          3. Russia is now a free country with an active civil society (you do not understand it), Maxim Slasher – representative of this society, they catch criminals, some rent to the police.
          4. You love fag, and you hate Russia, know little about the situation in Russia and the world, so you’re all confused.

          • Melanie Nathan November 26, 2013 at 8:18 AM #

            And you are a racist who cannot function without serious insecurity. You are very sad, very unhappy, very poor in spirit. I am happy, I live in a great country where when someone commits a crim, the police deal with it and the courts give a fair trial. I feel so sorry that you have to use racist scum to be your police – who give punishment without trial. Is that what has become of Post Communist Russia. Sad Sad Sad country. Shame!

  2. jerbearinsantafe November 8, 2013 at 9:27 AM #

    Reblogged this on JerBear's Queer World News, Views & More From The City Different – Santa Fe, NM and commented:
    Going on the offense and calling on Russian and South African authorities to take legal action against these homophobic thugs and Human Rights abusers.

    • Lee Dorsey November 8, 2013 at 12:52 PM #

      WHOOT! Great piece… sharing everywhere…now we’ll see who is scared to show it!

      • Melanie Nathan November 8, 2013 at 1:02 PM #

        Thanks Lee really appreciate it

  3. Daniil November 9, 2013 at 11:21 AM #

    I had checked it, there is the same Age of consent in SA as in Russia – 16 years old. So why in SA(and in most other countries) there is no permission to fuck kids until they grow up, but when in my country our patriots catch those perverts, you call it honophobia?

    • Melanie Nathan November 9, 2013 at 1:43 PM #

      So you e-mail is Whitepow??????? No wonder you think like a sicko. You are a racist and you are a pervert…. OK so that means if I suspect you of murder, or theft, I can get a gang of my friends to lure you into a place and we can beat you up and do our own justice on you> Are you THAT sick? Is Russian Society about vigilante sickos like you? What gave these people the right to think they are the law? And you by justifying it are as bad.
      I dont see you running around catching thieves and murderers and rapists in this fashion. THAT IS homophobia because I dont see them torturing thieves and murderers -only gay kids looking for friendship under the presumption (unproven) that they want sex?

      • Daniil November 9, 2013 at 3:39 PM #

        Yes, if you have any proof that I committed crime like pedophilia or murder and the police does not work well to arrest me – you can catch me, because any person has right to protect his life, his children and society in which he lives.
        They don`t think they are law, they just care about future of their own children. Do you have children?
        Who are you calling kids? Mostly they are adults over 35, this animal from SA is 20 year old, he is adult man not kid. And yes, their crime always are proven.Or would you really believe the man who stands naked in the child`s place that he came just to take a bath? Seriously? Also they hunt not only for pedophiles, but drag-dealers for example and report about stores in which alcohol can be sold to underage ones. I`m, sure you did`t know this, your media do not want report about those activities. Even in your rotten from tolerance-overdose countries people will not protect such bastards as drug-dealers…yet.
        <> I think Its pretty fun for readers to see in our little conversation that you are more aggressive than me, nazi and racist. And what is your problem about racism? I think it`s right to protect yourself, your family, your country, your culture and race, especially in the world where white people are less then 10% of the entire world population. It is only in your narrow-mind vision racism is about torturing another races but for me it`s just love for my culture and people. It`s sad you don`t understand this.

        • Melanie Nathan November 9, 2013 at 4:14 PM #

          Thank goodness I live in a place that allows people to love who they love. Races can mix freely and people can have same sex relationships. Freedom to love who you love is the ultimate guide for perfection in society. Happiness is governed by love not restrictions on who you can love. Of course I do not approve of pedophilia. Like the thousands of straight Russian men screwing little girls everyday. The Russian trafficking and porno industry that hurts young women. The straight men who cannot have sex with their wives because they are so busy jerking off to fake woman on computers. The statistics show that the numbers of people that are perverts in that way are mostly straight men in conservative and rigid areas. But I suppose that is okay. Those people are not the so called pedophiles and perverts who yu seem to care about. The most cruel amongst us are the rapist straight me who hurt little girls and those men you wont touch with your vigilante program because they are just like you. They are straight NOT gay. Yes of course this is about homophobia and not at all about pedophilia, the latter your excuse to go after gays.

          Thank God I live in a country that welcomes Jews, Black people and gays. We would have you guys with these videos in Jail in one nano second here in the USA and in many other countries in Europe. But you and Putin love what you stand for and that is why Russian society is so messed up. Seems like a horrible hateful place to live. No wonder people are leaving in droves. Maybe one day when only you white supremacist guys are left you can stand in a circle with Putin and wonder who you will attack next?

          And so you put out the message that ALL gays are pedophiles and your entire world collapses because it is based on lies. Most gays just want to love each other in peace and are not interested in hurting anyone. You feed the world your lies and we see through you. You are a sad society. May you get the help you need. Its all about Love.

          • Daniil November 10, 2013 at 3:37 AM #

            OK, I get it. You`re just another victim of anti Russian propaganda. Do you really think that here in Russia, we chasing gays with pitchfork and torches? That every day straight men rape little girls while we just watching this? That Russian porno industry is bigger than germany or yours? This is ridiculous. Those guys from the Occupy Pedophile are not arrested only because the perverts, who they hunting, don`t bring a charge. Every bastard know that in the second he came to the police station all proves of his crime such as video tape, record of telephone talks with kid, correspondence, record from wire – all of this will be send to the Police and he spend in a jail much more years than his tortures. Also sometimes they use girls as bait not only boys. But girls grow up much faster than boys, it is the medical fact, and so they have to find not 14-15 yo kids but 11-12 yo, so pedo-guardians like you wiil not say that it`s not pedophilia because the bait already looks like adult woman. But it is very difficult to find parents who want risk their daughter`s mental health, so the baits are more often boys not girls. But of course you did not hear anything about this. Your government wants you think russians and their president are all savages and barbarians, that every day we shoot down here jews, gays maybe someone else, he-he,,,But the solid fact is that our multinational country, biggest in the world, was founded without blood, all ethnic groups live now in the same territories like centuries ago but your was built on the indians bones, our president oppose your intervention into the countries of North Africa, your country is the world leader of public shooting, so solve your own problems, fix your own shit issues and stop listen to your government propaganda. You support not gays(who live in my country not worse than any others), but criminals.
            P.S. What about vodka? If you really knew anything about russian nazi you would never have written such a nonsence. I don`t drink alcohol, don`t smoke and do not drug.

            • Melanie Nathan November 10, 2013 at 2:56 PM #

              Haha… more excuses Mr. Straight Pedophile? I did not read your whole comments – sorry no patience – but others might want to read it… People like you do not know the meaning of the word freedom, justice, equality, and that is why you should go back to communism and enjoy Lenin and Stalin thinking. I think they would keep more law and order than what is happening there now. I mean we all know you hate gays, blacks and jews and that is what this is all about. That is why your email address is

              • Ivan Grozniy November 12, 2013 at 5:27 AM #

                oh, maybe you know about freeedom???))) The country where the slaves were in every house))) The country who kill’s the nation (indians). The country of killers and cowboys))) The country of Bush ant the war in Iraq (American justice)… Whiskey???))))

                • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 8:13 AM #

                  Yes we know freedom we fought against slavery and we won. We fought against inequality and we won. We fought for freedom of speech and freedom of religion and we won. We fought for marriage equality and we are winning. Thank goodnes BUSH the disgusting President is GONE. Most of us hated his Presidency and most of us did NOT agree to the Iraq war. THAT IS DEMOCRACY where you can get rid of the tyrant. Unlike Russia you are stuck with Putin the Pig.

                • Vanya November 25, 2013 at 10:13 PM #

                  She had forgotten

                • Melanie Nathan November 26, 2013 at 8:24 AM #

                  Yes that was a terrible wrong that countries like South Africa and America had to make right. And we have done just that. No more racism in our law. Thank G-d people have righted to the awful wrongs . And Russia you would like to have those signs right? All Tesak friends have done nothing but make racist remarks and play their racist games, So no I have not forgotten, I am grateful for change. Grateful that we have a President who has agreement with rights for gay people and grateful I do not have to live in a country with no order.

        • Melanie Nathan November 9, 2013 at 4:14 PM #


        • Melanie Nathan November 9, 2013 at 4:19 PM #


  4. Seroja (@ser0ja88) November 9, 2013 at 12:12 PM #


  5. Childhood November 9, 2013 at 12:35 PM #

    Мне стыдно за то, что я живу в стране этих дегенератов.
    I am ashamed that I live in a country of degenerates.

    I apologize for the behavior of these bastards – representatives of my country.

    by LGBT – a teenager from Russia

  6. Romka_SK November 9, 2013 at 12:50 PM #

    Are you fucking serious? He is pedophile. Refer to the interpreter. Idiots

    • Melanie Nathan November 9, 2013 at 2:36 PM #

      You are the idiot to admit on this BLOG that you think vigilante behavior is justified – is in essence an admission that you are part of a very sick society that accepts such behavior. That your Putin guy has no control. That there is no law and order. That you think you can take the law in your own hands. I bet you have indulged in some serious perverted behavior to think like that. You know what you have done. Come on stop trying to cover for your sickness. I do not know a single gay person who would think like you. Cowards and sick perverts that you must be.

      • Occupy Pedophiliay November 10, 2013 at 11:17 AM #

        В ввиду …………… deleted …………….. if you want to comment on my site, you will have to write your comments in English. Thank You. The same way as you expect foreigners on your turf to communicate in your language – I expect you to do the same when you are on MY TURF! This is MY TURF!

        • Melanie Nathan November 11, 2013 at 10:29 PM #

          t seems these men have not been forthright in their desire to attack other men. Their interest may be sexual and not purely vengeance. Have they been pretending all along? After all why the fascination for only gays who the accuse of pedophilia? Why have they never tried to trap straight men who are pedophiles? Are they pure homophobes or are they interested in the young men themselves? Judging by the accusations of two new victims, it would seem that Martsinkevich himself has been sexually aroused by these encounters. SEE NEW ARTICLE -http://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2013/11/11/warrant-out-for-arrest-of-russian-maxim-martsinkevich-who-tortures-and-rapes-gays/

  7. Андрей November 9, 2013 at 9:12 PM #

    Пишу на своем родном языке, иностранцы как хотите так и переводите. Я живу в стране с многовековой истоией. Издревле наши люди не предавались однополой любви. Я очень рад, что у нас нет всяких гей парадов, клубов и всего прочего. Незачем развращать наших детей. При Сталине все геи сидели в лагерях, была особая статья за это. Очень жаль, что ее отменили. Весь мир погряз в разврате. грязи. Мы будем держаться до последнего. Еще со времен Древей истории человесетво смогло выжить, благодаря тому что создавали семьи и детей. Если бы древние люди были геями и лезбиянками, то человечество вымерло еще много тысячелетий назад.
    I write in their own language , as foreigners and want to translate . I live in a country with a long history . Since ancient times, our people do not indulge in homosexual love . I am very glad that we do not have any gay parades , clubs and other things . There is no need to corrupt our children. Under Stalin, all gay men were sitting in the camps , there was a special case for it. It is unfortunate that it was canceled . The whole world fell into debauchery . dirt. We will hold on to the last. Ever since the days of the Tree of stories chelovesetvo able to survive , thanks to the fact that creating a family and children. If the ancient people were gay and lesbians , humanity has died out many years ago .

  8. Occupy Pedophiliay November 9, 2013 at 10:39 PM #

    В ввиду сложившихся обстоятельств, а именно начавшиеся пару дней назад массовые атаки журналистов, как российских так и зарубежных, в сторону Русского проекта Оккупай-Педофиляй и движения Реструкт, в статьях которых говорится о “злых русских неонацистах, которые вылавливают ни в чем не виновных геев! Избивают их, унижают их чувство “собственного достоинства” и все издевательства выкладывают в интернет”. Решил разъяснить ситуацию. В статьях, движение Оккупай-Педофиляй из глубокого недовольства к чернокожим, поймали невиновного парня Давида Смита, заставляли танцевать туземские танцы, кидать римский салют и после всех издевательств побрили наголо. Также говорилось, что ролик был загружен в сеть 4 ноября в День Народного Единства, тем самым внеся свой вклад в череду массовых беспорядков и маршей, показывающих превосходство белых над черными. Неуважаемые зарубежные педуарды, мы конечно негров не очень любим, но поймали его потому ….. XXXXXXX (Censored for foul language)

    Google Translate:
    In view of the prevailing circumstances, and it started a couple of days ago, massive attack journalists , both Russian and foreign , in the direction of Russian – Pedofilyay Project Occupy movement and restructuring , as referred to in articles about the “evil Russian neo-Nazis who are caught in no way guilty of gays ! Beat them , humiliate them a sense of ” self-esteem ” and all the bullying spread in the Internet . ” Decided to clarify the situation . In the articles , the movement Occupy – Pedofilyay of deep resentment towards black people, caught an innocent guy David Smith , forced to dance tuzemskie dancing, throwing the Roman salute , and after all the bullying was shaved bald. It was also said that the video was uploaded to the web November 4 Day of National Unity , thereby contributing to a series of riots and marches , showing the superiority of whites over blacks . Disrespectful foreign fags, surely we don’t like niggers much, but we caught him

    • Melanie Nathan November 11, 2013 at 10:35 PM #

      read vhttp://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2013/11/11/warrant-out-for-arrest-of-russian-maxim-martsinkevich-who-tortures-and-rapes-gays/ have found out that this would not be the first time that Martsinkevich has been accused of raping men. A source has told me that two men have reported being sodomized by Martsinkevich. It would seem that the entire gang of utlra-nationalist thugs known as Occupy Pedophilia have participated in these sex crimes and it is probably a matter of time before warrants are put out for all their arrests, including the woman who helped torture the young South African featured in our earlier article.

      It seems these men have not been forthright in their desire to attack other men. Their interest may be sexual and not purely vengeance. Have they been pretending all along? After all why the fascination for only gays who the accuse of pedophilia? Why have they never tried to trap straight men who are pedophiles? Are they pure homophobes or are they interested in the young men themselves? Judging by the accusations of two new victims, it would seem that Martsinkevich himself has been sexually aroused by these encounters

  9. Сергей November 10, 2013 at 2:04 AM #

    я лица ваши обоссывал.
    P.S. с любовью из России)

    • Melanie Nathan November 10, 2013 at 3:30 PM #

      YE YOU ARE Sergey Zigunov | VK
      Sergey Zigunov, Belgorod, Russia.
      Welcome to America and South Africa Mr. Zigunov – we know what to do with cowards like you… Sing Sing, San Quenten, Folsom….

  10. A citizen of Ukraine November 11, 2013 at 10:19 AM #

    Dear representatives of foreign countries. While You are in Ukraine you will fall under our legislation. In particular Article 156 (Corruption of Minors) provides that committing lewd acts against a person who has not attained the age of sixteen, punishable by imprisonment for up to six months, or restraint of liberty for a term up to three years.
    Draw conclusions.

    • Melanie Nathan November 11, 2013 at 3:18 PM #

      Absolutely right and there are similar laws dear representative of foreign countries here in the USA and South Africa. What we DO NOT DO though is lure your young men with false hopes of sex with someone around their age in a foreign language that they hardly speak or understand and then hold them against their will while we physically assault,torment and OUT them in the form of humiliation on national and international social networks.

      They set a trap for this young man and he was lured into their criminal sadistic clutches. This was ALL about homophobia dn racism and Xenophobia and had NOTHING to do with justice or pedophilia. So stop trying to tell us how to run our countries because you have no law and serious disorder. These gangsters need to get prison time and by the time this international community is done we will ensure that they are brought to justice either in Russia, or in our home countries, the countries of the victims. but we will not rest until each and every one of these obsessive ultra extremists are behind bars. Including the woman!

      The young man was lured by someone he thought was his own age looking for consensual sex. He did not hurt anyone and had it been a child he would probably have left. there was NO child involved. So stop with your propaganada bullshit.

    • Melanie Nathan November 11, 2013 at 3:19 PM #

      OH and let em add. There was no crime committed by the young man. And no real 15 year old would have “lured” him for sex unless that 15 year old really wanted sex – so this is all homophobia!!

      • Magnus Gualterio November 12, 2013 at 4:05 AM #

        Homophobia is good! Gays are bad. They need mental cure.

      • Magnus Gualterio November 12, 2013 at 4:07 AM #

        Oh. I forgot to say..

        You are woman, so your opinion has zero weight.

        • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 6:35 PM #

          LOL okay that works well with the international crowd. How to win friends and influence people. Good one.!Hahahaha…

      • Nickita November 12, 2013 at 4:32 AM #

        Dear Melanie, of course it is very easy to say that it is a total disorder in our country, especially when you have never been in any part of our country. And if you want to discuss it without insults or offences we can discuss it. Moreover i can tell you as a lawyer that if one person commits a sexual intercourse with the person under 16 even in case of the consent of this teen, under Russian Criminal Code it will be regarded as lascivious actions (Art. 135), the only exeception in case of intercourse with a 16-18 years old

        • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 6:33 PM #

          The same applies here and many countries around the world and rightly so. However as a lawyer I can tell you that in the case of these vigilantes traps were set and in unlikely circumstances created and there was no crime. yet these kids were assaulted by your henchmen. One gut took it too far and used a beer bottle to sodomize one of the young men. NICE!?

      • Alex14 November 12, 2013 at 8:45 AM #

        Tesak provide his activity according on russian laws. It is difficult to keep law. If he would say extra words or beat pedofile to black an blue so police immediately grab him. Avoide to disturb us (russian rightist people) with the articles and foolish comments. Europe is rotting with LGBT infection. We will defend our country of LGBT propaganda.

  11. Dan November 12, 2013 at 3:06 AM #

    Hi . i dont speak eng. Поэтому скажу по-русски: Путин в моей стране создал фальшивое ощущение свободы, нет чувства что ты под колпаком у государства, у нас в стране почти не слышно о терроризме, кроме исламистов из дагестана и ближнего востока. В России нельзя пропагандировать гомосексуализм и однополые браки. Почему? Если вы приедете в Россию все поймете сами, у нас такая жизнь и я рад что мои сослуживцы и друзья не трахают друг друга в жопу. Представьте себе Кавказ, Осетию, это сильный и волевой народ, представляете что будет если кто-то изменит вековым традициям. Гомосексуализм-это слабость а народ должен быть сильным. Марцинкевич поймал этого темнокожего парня в попытке совратить 15 летнего мальчика. Марцинкевич и его команда вступают в виртуальную переписку с этим парнем и ловят его на подставной квартире. В качестве улик предоставляют телефонные переговоры и переписку. Этого педофила ловят бреют обливают мочой и немножко бьют, для терапевтических целей и в тяжелых случаях сдают в полицию где оформляют уже по закону. Попытка сексуального растления несовершеннолетних -это страшная статья! В наших тюрьмах за педофилию насилуют соседи по тюремной камере и даже убивают.
    Hi. i dont speak eng. So I say in Russian : Putin in my country has created a false sense of freedom , there is a sense that you’re under the cap of the state, in our country is almost unheard of terrorism but the Islamists of Dagestan and the Middle East . In Russia you can not promote homosexuality and same-sex marriages . Why ? If you arrive in Russia will understand why we have such a life and I am glad that my colleagues and friends do not fuck each other in the ass . Imagine the Caucasus, Ossetia , and it is a strong -willed people , imagine what would happen if someone changes the age-old traditions . Homosexuality is a weakness and the nation must be strong. Marcinkiewicz caught this black guy in an attempt to seduce a 15 year old boy . Marcinkiewicz and his team have come to a virtual conversation with this guy and catch him on a front flat. As evidence, provide telephone calls and correspondence . This pedophile caught shave pour urine and slightly beaten, for therapeutic purposes , and in severe cases, pass the police where style is illegal. Trying to sexual molestation of minors is a terrible article ! In our prison for pedophilia rape prison cell mates and even killed .

    • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 6:57 PM #

      The only reason i am putting your disgusting comment up is to show you are indeed homophobic society. That you prefer lawlessness over goodness and justice and that indeed people for the West should NOT support Putin or any of you for SOCHI GAmes. These comments show why we should boycott SOCHI.

      That said the boy was lured into a false situation. Nothing about it was real. he was not a pedophile nut Maxim tempted him as the devil and the kid who did not understand Russian fell into a trap. You call that catching pedophiles? I call it cowardly sadism. You cannot change straight people to gay and you cannot change gay people to straight.

      You live in a very sick society if you tru and justofy Tesak and his henchmen.
      I am sorry for your painful life.

  12. GJ November 12, 2013 at 3:20 AM #

    Нет места пидорам!

    Net mesta pidoram!
    No place fag!

  13. zb3k (@zb3k) November 12, 2013 at 3:49 AM #

    Возможно в вашей стране считается нормальным что взрослый человек по “обоюдному согласию” может оттрахать 14 летнего ребенка. В нашей стране это не нормально. А из-за бездействия полиции подростки вынуждены сами бороться против педофилии, наркотиков и продаж алкоголя детям.
    Почему вы считаете что мы должны быть такими как и вы? http://image.tsn.ua/media/images2/original/Jul2012/383643298.jpg

    Может нам тоже следует указывать как вам жить? Например в нашей стране большинство негативно относится к геям. Давайти мы будем считать это болезнью и лечить путем принудительной стерилизации?! А если вы будете против то начнем войну?
    Хватит учить нас жить вы сами в своей демократии запутались.

    P.S.: Я лица ваши обоссывал!
    С любовью из России)

    vk: https://vk.com/dbourim

    Google translate:
    Maybe in your country it is normal that a grown man ” mutual consent ” can fuck a 14 year old child . In our country, it is not normal . And because of police inaction teens are compelled to fight against pedophilia , drugs and alcohol sales to children.
    Why do you think that we should be like , and you ? http://image.tsn.ua/media/images2/original/Jul2012/383643298.jpg

    Maybe we should also specify how you live? For example, in our country the majority has a negative attitude toward gays . Davayti we will consider it a disease and treated by forced sterilization ? And if you start a war against it ?
    That’s enough to teach us how to live you are entangled in their democracy .

    • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 10:18 PM #

      wow you are showing your true colors. When people read this they will boycott SOCHI. This is what PUtin believes and that is why you voted for him. I feel deep pity that you live in a country where there is no law and order. You make the world seem a shameful and pitiful place. But thank goodness there are places where people are free, I think Russia may have been better off under the communists. You should consider it again.

      All I know is that I live a beautiful free and wonder full life. I have a lot of love and freedom in my life, wonderful job, great success, extraordinary normal and happy children. And as it happens I am gay too. So I dont know what it is like in Russia, true, but I can say that judging form the vitriol and hate expressed here on this BLOG, it is not a place I would even want to visit. I am almost ashamed to admit that my ancestors came from Russia. Thank God they were able to leave that country when they did. YAH Bolsheviks my ancestors paid dearly but through the price of their lives I am free! One day I hope you will be free like me. Hate is tormenting and that is what you seem to have couching your heart. Poor poor poor Russians and poor you!

  14. Maxsim November 12, 2013 at 4:32 AM #

    Пишу на русском в поддержку организации Максима “Тесака”.
    Я родом из России. Мы в нашей стране не терпим геев и педофилов. Если геи – пример аморального поведения человека, то педофилы – самые настоящие преступники, ломающие психику детей. Именно такого и поймал Тесак и поступил во всем с ним правильно! Только представьте себя на месте родителейребенка, которого изнасиловал педофил. Поэтому Тесак – молодец! Тесак прав. Если вы в Европе ебетесь в зад и насилуете детей – пожалуйста! Вам не мешают! Но в Россию этот мусор не кидайте!

    I am writing to support the organization in the Russian Maxim “Slasher”.
    I am from Russia. We in this country do not tolerate gays and pedophiles. If gay people – an example of immoral behavior of the person, the pedophiles – the real criminals that break the psyche of children. It is this and caught the hatchet and went around with him right! Just imagine yourself in the place roditeleyrebenka, who was raped by a pedophile. Therefore Slasher – well done! Slasher rights. If you are in Europe fuck in the ass and nasiluete children – please! You do not interfere! But in Russia this garbage do not throw!

    • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 8:09 AM #

      The ONLY reason I am allowing these disgusting comments is that people from the reats will read how hateful and intolerant you Russians really are. You are the people Putin panders to when he legislates bad anti-gay laws. And so when people read this from the West they will NOT believe Putin is being truthful when he says Gays are safe during SOCHI. SO I am putting up this disgusting filth as an expose of why we SHOULD BOYCOTT Sochi Games. Thanks Maxsim for assisting my cause.

  15. Sergei K-ov November 12, 2013 at 5:19 AM #

    They are not just homosexuals but are pedophiles who were caught on 15-years-old boy (bait). The committed a criminal offense according to state law. You look stupid trying to protect someone who want to get sex with boy under 16.

  16. Sergei K-ov November 12, 2013 at 5:27 AM #

    There are few simple rules. The bait is a boy and his age is under 16. No matter were you are from and what a color of your skin It is a criminal offense up to 15 years behind bars.

    • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 8:15 AM #

      The South African kid did not understand and there would have been NO BAIT without the BAIT and no crime was committed. You cannot take the law into your own hands and pretend there was a crime. AND there is no way that would have happened had it not been for the games of TESAK and his thus. You should b e ashamed condoning assault and the rape by Tesak of the boy he raped with a beer bottle. Now he will serve another time in jail…

      • Sergei K-ov November 12, 2013 at 8:56 AM #

        People have to take the law into their own hands if state police does nothing.

        • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 2:36 PM #

          Thats one fucked up country you live in if you have to resort to that – how can we support such lack of being civilized. It speaks to the fact that your society is uncivilized – not because of gays – but because you do not know how to control your extremist thugs. That is why we MUST BAN SOCHI GAmes. All who have come on this site to try and defend Tesak, Maxim have done nothing more than show us in the rest of the world that you behave like animals and you yourself say you have no police and no justice. That is a great shame. How can you expect to function in the world?

          • Sergei K-ov November 14, 2013 at 2:51 PM #

            The heads of your countries should ban SOCHI due to murders of Anna Politkovskaya, Sergei Magnitsky, Mikhail Beketov, due to corruption, falsified elections, total censorship on state TV, violation of basic human rights. Desire to have sex with boy (under 16) is not in this list.

            • Melanie Nathan November 14, 2013 at 3:12 PM #

              Well DUH! homophobia is in the list

  17. obossak November 12, 2013 at 5:30 AM #

    How you can have! You do not tell the truth! Not gay, they are caught, and pedophiles. See their video! Yes, gays, they are also not good, but do not touch them if they are not trying to start a relationship with a minor. And not just blacks they catch – what these distortions? Most caught – Russian. Why do you behave? Or do you protect pedophiles? What is your prolema?

    • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 8:16 AM #

      I do not condone thugery. You are condoningthugery. Without the trap there is no pedophile. What about the staright boys having sex with 15 year olds? I dont see you setting bait for them ? You hate gays and you are trying to hurt them.

      • obossak November 17, 2013 at 2:59 AM #

        Melanie , why did you just delete my comments ? How does that fit into your vision of the world? Are you ready to defend homosexuals , but for your children who are drawn into prostitution, or people who are foolishly buy drugs , does not need protection ? I’m not trying to convince you, I’m just pointing out to you that you do not possess the information to draw conclusions. Yes , Maxim disliked homosexuals , he does not hide and everybody knows this , but his video is only the people in conflict with the law . You know why they do not go to the police with allegations of beatings ? Because they know that Tesak have proof of their guilt . He will get a beating for 2 years in prison and a pedophile will get 7 years in prison. And do not you know that a few months ago , with the participation of his movement activists , police detained a man who was with a flash drive that stores the photos of his sexual acts with minors. By the way, it was a girl. Yes, there he Maxim did not participate, but were his associates. Why did you miss it all, but you see only what you want to see . You’re right that Maxim beast , but the beast is doing a lot of good things. Believe me, in the world there are many people who are much more deserving of getting into investigative lists of Interpol

        • Melanie Nathan November 17, 2013 at 10:10 AM #

          This is my website and I moderate comments. . I do not delete comments. I do moderate and I refuse to put up hate comments. I have too many hateful comments debauched, foul, rude all putting down Jews, Gays and Black people and all from Russians. It is my rule to filter out and not put up hate. I won the site – its my choice if I am going to allow filth on here.

          You will see I have let a lot of hateful ones through and the friends of Maksim tesak who he got to come on this site to his defense- I have even given them a voice by allowing their comments. I could have denied ALL the comments and do not. I do have a rule not to include hate and have broken my own rule here. Because I wnat people to see how bad the Russian vigilante society is and I want people to see why we should BOYCOTT SOCHI GAMES which many will do because you have ALL come on here and revealed your hate and discrimination of gays.

          IT ALSO TAKES ME sometime 12 hours to get through comments because of time change…

          • obossak November 22, 2013 at 10:48 PM #

            I did not write abusive comments . I just point out to you on what you are wrong . You throw everything into one pile. You can as many hate Tesak , but one fact remains irrefutable – it actually punishes the guilty . Yes, he’s homophobic, he hates gays, but it is not expressed in violence against the innocent. Not all Russian hate all around . Not even an increasing number of Russian . In the U.S. , too, there are different people , just as there is homophobia in society and exposed to violence . Moreover, very often it happens when tacit approval of society. Yes, this is less than in the big cities , but much more in the province. I saw it with my own eyes . Similarly , as you have Rednek , but there are also decent people , we have our own ” Russian Rednek ” , but there are people quietly relating to others. Society in which gays hates most , or all the people look completely different. This can be seen in countries such as Afghanistan or Iraq, where homophobic almost 100% of the population. And in many other Muslim countries as well. Tesak may shout hate gays , it’s his personal opinion , but it does not violate their rights. You ask – why he does not catch those pedophiles who try to enter into relationship with underage girls . I mentioned to you the reason in one of those comments that you do not miss . But I want to draw your attention to another important point – that the person belongs to a sexual minority , still does not justify it, and it does not negate the guilt, if he committed a crime. The bottom line is that people are offended by Tesak guilty . I can not call myself a homophobe , I am by no means a friend and colleague Tesak . But I know what he’s right. As I said, this is a terrible beast that makes a lot of good things . This man not only punishes pedophiles, but also punishes drug dealers and prevent the involvement of children in prostitution. I think about the Occupy Pedofilyay is all you need to know . As for the Sochi Olympics – you can try, but it will not boycott for many reasons. And even if you and your like-minded people out, it will not change anything – I can assure you that homophobes anyway . As well as the government. Human rights do not work where big politics involved . It does not work in our country or in yours.

            • Melanie Nathan November 23, 2013 at 10:22 AM #

              Please do not compare your country to mine- here in the U.S.A. we have a President who supports LGBTI Human Rights and Marriage Equality. In a few years we have attained marriage Equality on a federal level through our courts, and we have attained marriage equality in 16 States. Our Constitution, it has been held, supports it. In the USA Tesak would be in prison for life at this point for kidnap, false imprisonment, assault and rape. I am sorry NOTHING-I REPEAT NOTHIMNG you say justifies what Tesak does. You are making him CAZR of the law, and Judge and Jury. His methods fail to prove ANY pedophilia at all. He has trapped people who do not understand Russian. In the case of the SA student, he proved nothing. The student cam because he heard the voice of an adult young man – as we all heard on the tape. IT WAS OT THE VOICE of a child. I doubt that the student would have shown up to meet a child. Also there is zero justification for Hate of Gays by tesak. And so on your own admission his hate is likely to impact his judgment – he has ONLY hate to justify his kidnapping of the SA student? You seem to admit that. If he was neutral – which he is not- even then his method would be unacceptable in any civilized society. Sorry he is a barbarian and you seem to think barbarian behavior is ok. Too bad. Because you seem somewhat educated…

  18. Sergei K-ov November 12, 2013 at 5:41 AM #

    There are a lot of videos with pedophiles captured under a franchise “Occupy Pedophiles”. This young black man is one of the many.

    • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 8:20 AM #

      YES that is why the will all soon be in jail… the Russian homophobes

  19. Sergei K-ov November 12, 2013 at 5:50 AM #

    This mockeries (in bath) is nothing in comparison with what could wait him in russian jail.

    • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 8:28 AM #

      That say a lot for your lovely Russia

  20. Just Passsing By November 12, 2013 at 5:57 AM #

    Melanie Nathan, you seem to make hasty conclusions.

    You used to live in USA, where the police works better than in corrupted countries of post-Soviet block like Russia.

    Imagine you have a son of 12 years old. Imagine, you found out suddenly, that some guy is contacting your son via facebook. This guy wants to have sex with your son. What would you do in this case? I think, you will call police and the consequences are: the guy is sentensed to 15 years of jail.

    Now try to imagine similar situation in Russia. Same case, but the consequences of calling to police will be rather different. The pedophile will not be even arrested (cuz of broken police system and corruption), he will continue fucking boys and in the result he even may commit rapes and even murders.

    So in Russia we need people who catch pedophiles (regardless of their race, sex, age, etc) and punish them. If the police doesn’t work – who will defend the kinds?

    Just think about this and do not come up with hasty conclusions.

    • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 8:37 AM #

      You are dreaming. That is not what this is about. Show me one video of a Maxim or OCCUPY Pedophilay doing this to a straight man who goes after a 15 year old girl. There is not one on their VK page. They are homophobes trying to get rid of gays. And they are teaching myth that ALL gays are pedophiles which is untrue. But read this article and note that Maxim who is now officially WANTED by the police and will soon be wanted by Interpol too, is the criminal. Not the kid who he set up where NOTHING happpened. Here you have a case where a 15 year old with a masculine voice comes on to a 19 year old and the 15 year old AKS for sex. HARDLY a victim!! Its not like the 19 year old preyed on him or went after him. The 15 year old preyed on the 19 year old. So that is pedophilia when its nothing but an unrealistic trap. Show me a real case please? AGAIN the oly cri inal here and by admission is Tesak and his group http://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2013/11/08/wanted-names-and-faces-of-russian-criminals-who-tortured-south-african-student/

  21. JENIK November 12, 2013 at 6:18 AM #

    The boy is 15 years old, he came to fuck him, if it were not for Maxim and the team, he would have fucked him, the boy would have been broken by life, nothing trsshnogo his hair cut videotaped, will conclude for themselves that it is not necessary to fuck young boys.A you inflate a mountain out slona.Maksim a good man, his methods hard as well as you would like pedophiles?

    • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 8:31 AM #

      LOL you are a complete idiot. There was NO 15 year old boy to “F”. It was a ruse, an act. Its did not happend and in real life it would not have happened. AND had it been NOT A TRAP and a real life situation how would the 15 year old who asked for sex have been broken for life. You are full of shit. And what about trapping the 1000’s of straight men who find sex with 15 year old girls all the time. You act like there was a victim or even a potential victim.

  22. Alex14 November 12, 2013 at 8:50 AM #

    It never ends – russian activities against pedofiles. Pedofiles are criminals. Criminal is to be in prison. Correct me if I am wrong !

    • Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 2:33 PM #

      You are wrong to assume that all gay people are pedophiles. Most pedophiles are straight men, but I dont see you people banning straight propoganda to kids? I dont see you trying to trap straight people. I see vigilante as perverts. You who think these videos are OKAY are perverted. That is not the right way to teach people. What about law and order?

  23. Dr. Rex November 12, 2013 at 11:52 AM #

    I’ve just read this long list of comments. I cannot believe the degree of intolerance, racism, abuse of power, human trafficking, drugs and the like that seem to be commonplace in Russia …..
    Makes me think of the intolerance of the Nazi regime.

    Believe you me …. show me what you boast of and I will show you what you lack!!!
    These groups are uncontrollable mobs who seem to have the condoning of the country’s government.
    Like Melanie …. so glad I don’t live in Russia!!

    I bet the neighbors choose to stay indoors!! :-(

    • Vladimir November 13, 2013 at 9:35 AM #

      use google translator
      I think that you are too dramatize.Guys ofcourse sometimes allow themselves a little too much, but we must understand that the “victim ” is also breaking the law and be thought a potential danger to children.And you have not seen the other “victims” only the Negro and Ukrainian gays,Other phedofils is the real maniacs,they dangerous for
      society .if you interested i can provide links to video, you will realize that they are moral monsters even without translation.Many of them have passed the way to the police and they sit in the prison.About tolerance for gays : In Russia no one persecutes gays , there are many gay clubs , gay bars, there are many professions where gay people willing to take the work , such as clothing salesman , bartender , host shows, fashion photographer , etc. For gay activists can use aggression , but they themselves must understand that provoke for this.For gays who live quietly and not bothering anyone absolutely no aggression, no.

      • Melanie Nathan November 13, 2013 at 11:13 AM #

        http://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2013/11/11/russian-group-visits-the-castro-to-discuss-lgbt-human-rights/ Read that piece. It seems your media hides stuff from you. I received an email from a source with a long list of media reports that are blocked from Russians seeing them. Gay people have been driven underground. yes they can go to clubs and yes there are clubs. However that is not living your lfe in a club. We want to have children without the threat of laws to take children away from us. We want to be able to openly say who we are without the police arresting us for so called bullshit of propaganda. We want to talk to young gay people to help them understand the risks of HIV AIDS. That is the message of gay activists in Russia, but the law prohibits that under the non existent notion of “promoting” being gay -i.e. propaganda. For as long as you have the anti-propaganda law you are persecuting gays. because that law drives people underground and creates the false notion that it is NOT okay to be gay. Of course its okay to be gay. it is a natural born sexuality just as being straight is. it is perfectly normal. But your country makes it seem like it is wrong and for as long as you have laws based on false erroneous notions you are in fact making persecutory laws. So while people can go to a dance club – that is hardly a big deal – so what? That does not mean your society is no persecuting gays. Yiu are! Your law does. You also put out as is ALL gays are pedophiles. That is just not true. Most gays are not interested in children and just want the opportunity to be treated equally. When kids are confused about why they have same-sex attraction – you want to CURE them instead of embracing their sexuality and instructing them how to live safely and comfortable with their sexuality. Your society has mischaracterized being gay and for as long as you do that yu are hurting and persecuting all gays in Russia. We have met here with LGBt people from Russia and they ARE persecuted. Havr you had a discussion with any of your own LGBT community? Ever? And asked them about their hardships?

      • Nova Brilliantine November 14, 2013 at 12:40 PM #

        I am sure we are so grateful for the opportunity to wait on you in your bars and to sell you clothes and provide you with fashionable photographs and host shows etc , but perhaps we should prefer to be firemen, soldiers , sailors , engineers , architects , journalists , Doctors , surgeons and a million other occupations of our own choosing and your assurances that the victims are not victims (other than the african student brutalised and tortured by your fascist barbaric savage heroes (sic) is a sad reflection of how you attempt to trivialise what is occurring in DARKEST RUSSIA at this time , the WORLD see quite clearly and know we shall not be sitting idly by , Maxim is no longer in Russia and it is only a matter of time before he is behind bars and servicing a thousand inmates who await his arrival , after all service is a Russian requirement for homosexuals and Maxim is so very obviously a psychotic self denying homosexual venting his self hatred on these innocent young men who are not pedophiles but very young gay men seeking companionship and intimacy with each other .

  24. Nova Brilliantine November 14, 2013 at 12:30 PM #

    Maxima Martsinkevich , the well known violent psychotic self hating closet homosexual who vents his own self hatred in these attacks on young pretty homosexuals has posted the link to this blog on his vk.com page https;//vk.com/restrukt in order to garner support from his equally psychotic fascist savage followers , Maxima or Fatty as he is known by his friends is currently in hiding in Thailand the Ladyboy capital of the world , his own girlfriends are all very boyish and quite skeletal , he is obviously not interested in real women , just women who look like boys and the younger the better he told me , he also told me his main interest is in making money from his activities , his page on vk.com is one big advertising space .

    • Melanie Nathan November 14, 2013 at 1:30 PM #

      Thanks and That is confirmed, yes. That is why I have allowed these awful comments through so the World can see that Russia is NOT A PLACE to hold the Olympics. They basically fell right into the trap. I appreciate you coming ona nd confirming this. I set a trap for them to vent their hate and their way of life and did some taunting. That said, I know there are many good Russians out there – of course- who do not think like this. but unfortunately for as long as Putin prevails, his thugs thrive and so it taints all Russians.

      • Nova Brilliantine November 14, 2013 at 1:54 PM #

        It would appear that Maxim and his girlfriend are promoting my vk.com page to their followers , already in a matter of hours 2500 of them have viewed my page and as it promotes homosexuality they are all in contravention of Russian laws , my suggestion is we all open vk.com accounts and start spreading photos of happy free positive gay people from around the world , this way we get to talk to LGBT Russia :) my id is https://vk.com/id230789396, I have to state I am not very PC :) in fact I am a REBEL always have been and I was a very young and early member of the GLF in London back in the early mid 1970’s and later in the 1970’s was a member of the Flikker Front in Amsterdam, it would seem that the FOCUS today is GAY RUSSIA , VIVE LA RESISTANCE ! VIVE !

        • Melanie Nathan November 14, 2013 at 3:11 PM #

          LOL sounds good

  25. Sergei K-ov November 14, 2013 at 3:03 PM #

    Melanie Nathan, you delete some comments. You want to see only truth you want to see. You can do it here but your opinion will be valued less outside this blog.

    • Melanie Nathan November 14, 2013 at 3:17 PM #

      True I moderate the comments and you will see I have broken my own rules and even put up some of the most hateful ones. BUT I will not put up ALL the hate ones as I am already breaking my own rules. Maxim Tesak has put up my site on his VK so all you Russians who support him will come and comment on my site. I have had 100’s of comments and not put them all up. My site is pro equality, pro freedom, pro love for same-sex people, pro human rights, pro justice – I am the BOSS here. I get to choose. Contrary to what you suggest I have allowed VERY VERY many of your countrmen’s arguments as foul as they are… even breaking my own rules.The truth is you have all fallen for it. I am using you to show the world the hate and venom against gay people and it is an eye opener for my readers. Many have written to me and commented on my FB page. They do not want to share the page with people as vulgar as those you seem to support.

  26. Nova Brilliantine November 16, 2013 at 8:31 PM #

    It would appear that Maxim Martinsickbitch is now on the run in Thailand with his henchmen, has anyone advised the Thai authorities that these very dangerous criminals are at large in their society? Perhaps a copy of your letter and these criminals photographs should be sent to the Thai Ministries of Culture and Defence .

    • Melanie Nathan November 17, 2013 at 12:04 AM #

      I think he is no longer in Thailand. He is back in Russia hiding in the hole he deserves to be in

  27. Shynon January 9, 2014 at 6:54 PM #

    I hope this young guy went back to Africa. If only people were more civilised. But why would this guy choose to go to Russia of all places in the world.


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