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Jjuuko Adrian , Uganda

Outrcry as Petitioners Protest Delayed Justice in Ugandan Minorities Case

By Melanie Nathan, July 25, 2013. This week Ugandan Constitutional Court saw protests when, according to the Daily Monitor,  “minority groups stormed the Constitutional Court in Kampala on Tuesday, protesting what they called ‘delayed justice’. The potential landmark case of Jjuuko Adrian v. Attorney General Constitutional Petition No.1 of 2009,  has yet to receive a ruling, […]

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Uganda’s Parliament reconvenes to a clogged house including anti-gay Bill

By Melanie Nathan, June 24, 2013. The Ugandan Parliament’s legislators are about to reconvene. The Daily Monitor, has reported that as the Ugandan Parliament will have to deal with a “clogged agenda” in the House. There are many issues waiting to be considered, including the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which has been lingering in Parliament over the […]

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Ugandan LGBT community arrests while protesting media closures

Today, we find these same people, abused by the press, actually outraged by the closure and protesting in defense of the press and the importance of its freedoms. By Melanie Nathan, May 23, 2013. Today several human rights defenders were arrested outside of the Daily Monitor as they rallied in solidarity against the Ugandan authorities […]

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Ugandan government raids close down Red Pepper and Daily Monitor

A series of media closures is underway in Uganda By Melanie Nathan, May 20, 2013. The Ugandan authorities are searching a variety of media outlets looking for an original press release, purportedly evidence in a crime, which seems to relate to the recent military controversy involving a Ugandan general.  A Police statement on Monday indicated […]

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St. Neots U.K. Preacher Paul Shinners has yet to answer questions about his anti-gay remarks

Should apologize to Uganda’s Gay community, the U.K. LGBTI Community and to Bloggers he unjustly accused By Melanie Nathan, Feb 20, 2013. Since exposing Paul Shinners, as an Evangelical Christian extremist, who spoke at the Ugandan New years eve Rally, where much anti-gay sentiment was expressed by a group of pastors, local UK activists are […]

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